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Aaron Sands – Music Producer

Aaron has been in the music industry for 14 years releasing music under various names as part of groups and as a solo producer. He has released music on various independent labels as well as releasing independently. He has also produced music for commercials and for other artists.

In 2008, Aaron formed the band ‘Luminaires’ with four other members. In their four years as a band, they released an EP, multiple singles and two music videos (links below) as well as headlining Proud Galleries three times and playing many other London venues.

Aaron now writes and produces music with former ‘Luminaires’ synth player and producer ‘Shaun Skerritt’ under the name ‘TIGERBLOOD’. Their debut album ‘Doomsday’ is set for release in April this year. A compilation of the first 12 released tracks by Aaron’s solo project ‘Cygnet’ is set to release later in the year as well.

Aaron will assist CFPL film in creating original music for the film. – Cygnet – TIGERBLOOD (Soundcloud) – TIGERBLOOD (Spotify) – Luminaires (Bandcamp) – Luminaires – Solid Gold (Music Video) – Luminaires – Walk Away (Music Video)

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