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Bonita Drake: Director

Bonita Drake – writer-director, creative producer and proud dyslexic. Her love of all genres of film started from an early age when her father took her to see her first James Bond film in the cinema. After graduating from Newport film school (UWCN with a BA in Film) she crewed under the tutelage of producer David Ball working with the likes of Simon Pegg, David Schwimmer and Natascha McElhone. Bonita is working as a writer/ director with CFPL and will feature prominently on CFPL horror content.

Bonita has made numerous shorts that have played at (and occasionally won) film festivals all over the world. With her regular co-writing/directing partner (and husband) Johan Bromander she has made the feature film American Burger which premiered at Sitges before a successful festival run with for instance an audience vote for a film to be re-screened at Bifan in South Korea. Currently working on zom-com The Morning After which was chosen for the Frontieres Market and is being co-produced by David Ball and Judd Tilyard to be shot in the summer of 2021. Bonita has experience of pitching and currently also teaches Media Production in Sweden and has set up a successful internship program. Bonita enjoys giving workshops to actors and directors as well as creative feedback and notes on scripts in any stage of development.

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