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Films In Development

Clever Films Productions has a team of award-winning, talented, well-performing film directors who will ensure all our projects that go into production are directed to the highest standards. For more information on these directors, please go to our team page and check the film directors team section.

The Haunting

When the 22-year old writer, Charles Dickens, accepts a job valuing the library of a deceased lord, he discovers he must embrace the supernatural in order to uncover a deadly family secret.

Andy Briggs: Writer-Director

This will be Andy’s directing debut. He has spent many years as a very successful writer of both books and scripts. He has has worked extensively in America, on films such as Judge Dredd, Freddy vs Jason and a superhero film Foreverman for producer Robert Evans (The Godfather) and Stan Lee (creator Spiderman, X-Men) – as well as on numerous other film projects, including Aquaman (a DC comics superhero) and several TV series including Dark Relic and Kong: King of The Apes.

For more information on Andy’s past work please follow the IMDB film page link

As well as our attached director for the Haunting Clever Films Productions has a stable of talented directors who will ensure all our films that go into production are directed to the highest quality. For more information on these directors please go to our team page and check film directors team section.


The Van

Three paranormal investigators trapped in a haunted van each tell a different ghost story about the vehicle in a terrifying vanthology of horror.


The Skull

When her family are slaughtered by a masked serial killer, a teenage girl must escape his lair before she becomes entertainment on his sick video channel.


Demon Pride

A high school mascot raises bloody hell on a Midwestern town after being brought to life by a disenchanted teenager.


The Remains of Tomorrow

After a lethal epidemic has spread all over the world, a father grapples with mounting despair as he attempts to protect his wife and daughter and maintain a sense of domestic normalcy at their isolated home in rural England.


What Killed David

A carnivorous alien eats its way through a small town’s animal and human population while everyone left alive tries to figure out what killed David.



After a mother and her teenage daughter are submitted to a brutal attack by a violent gang then subsequently let down by the police, they take matters into their own hands to elicit their own brand of punishment; torture, pain and death.


The Blood Rite

A team of career criminals hoping to steal a priceless antique from a mansion owned by Francis Van Helsing get a horrific surprise when they unleash an ancient evil


Vilkas House

City boy Marvin’s life is in a downward spiral. He takes a carer job in the countryside for a fresh start, but there’s something off about the manor he’s staying in and the elderly man he’s looking after. When his previous life clashes with his new life, a real dog fight ensues.


Into The Ether

After finding himself lost in the woods while helping local authorities search for a missing girl, a bereaved father uncovers a sinister secret hidden deep within the darkness that connects the missing young girl to his own daughter’s disappearance years earlier.


The Shadow Man

Imaginary friends are sometimes all too real.

A young woman caring for her troubled younger sister who once had an imaginary friend called The Shadow Man whom she blamed for breaking things and causing trouble, is back, or maybe never went away in the first place, and has been plaguing them throughout their lives and was responsible for the deaths of their parents. Now she must figure out a way to stop the malignant entity from splitting her family apart and taking her sister forever.



Sherry awakes to find herself trapped in a medical facility. Enlisting the help of Clovis, the night watchmen, her friend Kiki, an unhinged loner and a convict Sherry must unravel the mystery of why some people’s heads have started to explode and, more importantly, how they can escape with their lives!


The Devil’s Heir

He has risen. Now he wants his Heir.

When a Neolithic burial chamber is discovered, archaeologist Dr. Helen Carter travels to an isolated village in the highlands of Scotland to investigate. But this rural community, led by the strange Councillor Macleod, is not what it seems as the atheist archaeologist soon uncovers strange customs and devil worship. Prevented from leaving the village and finding herself mysteriously pregnant, can she escape before The Dark One comes to claim The Devil’s Heir?


Grad Night

On the night of their high school graduation, a disparate group of students must fight for survival after the student body and faculty are possessed by a demon hellbent on resurrecting the devil.


Voodoo Swamp

A witchdoctor’s zombie corpse rises from a Louisiana swamp to seek revenge on the small town that condemned him.


Blood and Drumming

In present day London, two sisters with contrasting personalities, find themselves in the path of a brutal serial killer, as a MET Inspector and a mysterious man in a black hat close in.


The Intercessor

A psychiatrist and a nun must save a grieving mother before the parasitic demon they encountered nearly forty years ago returns and consumes her soul.


In The Trees

Visitors to a wooded countryside are stalked by something that moves quickly between the trees. It moves like an animal but they hear the grinding of metal too. The only person who could know anything about the creature is a physically disabled recluse, living in the forest.


Silence The Dead

A police officer links missing persons cases spanning decades to a funeral parlor with a dark, violent past.

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