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Keith Jaskulski: Non Executive Director, Executive Producer

Keith Jaskulski is a financial and business professional who has worked for decades across the banking and financial services sectors. Keith has major experience in working in film and investment. He will provide guidance to the CFPL Executive Team in aligning market opportunities for business development, financing initiatives, and supporting the CFPL productions and social objectives. Keith will also provide assistance to execute the fundraising objectives of Clever Films, and of the CFPL Senior Fundraising Directors.

His background encompasses multiple fields in accounting, finance, economics, and real estate which extended across a 20 career in banking, 15 years in financial services, and now a third career level in the entertainment industry with film production and promotion professionals, focusing on the needs of consumers and on voids that exist creating barriers that prevent us enjoying a better society.

He is devoting current efforts to devising and implementing strategies to improve the ability to deal with negative forces in our world in order to create better working cultures. He is an aspiring philanthropist, and holds an MBA and MA in Economics from the University of Delaware, a CFP® through the Institute of Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. and is a holder of the CLU CASL ChFC designations in financial planning through The American College of Bryn Mawr, PA.

He intends to devote support to causes that will promote the public good and improve the level of equality globally in various areas and is eagerly awaiting the privilege to help others craft their own visions and bring them to reality.

Keith has always had an appreciation for film in all genres, and a childhood fascination with horror, and looks forward to the creative collaboration process. He is married and lives in Wilmington, Delaware in the USA.

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