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Maisie Ann Cocozza: Head of Marketing

Maisie has a BA in Drama and Multimedia and an MSc in Marketing from The University of Kent. She began her career working as a Researcher for Factual Entertainment Programmes, her credits include ‘Back In Time for The Weekend’ (BBC Two), Me and My Dog: The Ultimate Challenge (BBC TWO), and Special Agent Selection: WW2 (BBC Two). Her role involved research into factual information/archival research, prop/location sourcing, and casting outreach. It was in her casting role Maisie realised she had a natural flair for communications.

She pursued this interest by studying Marketing at the Postgraduate level. At this time she gathered paid and voluntary Marketing and PR experience within various sectors including education, events management and film and television.

After graduating in 2020 Maisie worked within the e-commerce sector, expanding her knowledge of digital marketing and online consumer behaviour. Her main aim remained to combine her passions and enter back into the film and TV industry in a Marketing role.

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