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Miss Behave Music

Miss Behave Music’s objectives are to help, assist and develop exciting and talented new bands and artists who create music that we believe in for music soundtracks initially through the Clever Films Horror content for our film soundtracks. Clever films Productions Limited CEO and Head of Film Productions, James Daly, has extensive experience and knowledge of film, media, and music management and events.   CFPL aims to work with artists who are cooperative and have the drive, the vision, and determination required to succeed in the Music Business Industry providing great independent music for our horror content here at CFPL.


Oz Morsley

Oz Morsley began his musical career in the early 90’s and was a pioneer of the early techno scene.


The Tripdown Project

The band are an Alternative Rock Band from the North of England. Epic melodies, loud Guitars, thundering drums, bass and…


Your Favorite Enemies

Your Favorite Enemies is a Montreal rock band formed in 2006. From the very first moment of the band’s creation…


Nick Tatham

Nick was born in Hong Kong and spent the first years of his life in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Dammam, Saudi…



Armed with a driven indie tone backed by bouncing electronic accompaniment, London’s LUMINAIRES are prepared to make a name for…


The Feud

Three piece rock band THE FEUD are igniting the scene with their high octane, emotionally charged performances and enormous arena-ready sound…

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