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Neil Hunsdale: Writer

Neil grew up in Holywood and Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Educated to A-level, he opted to start working at 18 instead of going to university. Neil has had a number of different jobs in a variety of sectors and has used these experiences and the people he has encountered, to fuel his writing.

Neil then started taking freelance design jobs online, and started getting jobs that were more media related. Neil has worked with a few media companies, including a local record label and a local music website, where he filmed and edited music videos, band interviews and live performances.

Neil started writing articles for various websites and blogs, covering tv, movies and video games and began writing reviews as a music critic for a promotion company.

Neil prefers the horror, sci-fi, comedy, animation, genres, and counts Quentin Tarantino, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg among his influences.

As a film and tv fan, Neil wanted to challenge himself creatively, to try and write a script. He has now written three film scripts, with a forth on the way, and a sitcom pilot script. Neil recently accepted an option agreement on one of these scripts, a zombie horror feature. Neil has also written and animated a horror short, that was shown as part of an art collective film night.

Neil produces audio books with a narrator and has several books available on Audible. This expanded his knowledge of the structure, characters and dialogue in storytelling. He also writes and produces his own music and has had his photography designs shown on outdoor displays in London and included in several art magazines.

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