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Oz Morsley


Oz Morsley began his musical career in the early 90’s and was a pioneer of the early techno scene.

Oz Morsley began his musical career in the early 90’s and was a pioneer of the early techno scene.

He formed his first band “Empirion” with likeminded techno heads Bob Glennie and Jamie Smart. They instantly had a dance floor crossover hit and national chart success with their acclaimed debut single “Narcotic Influence”. After releasing a number of singles on their own record label “Wanted Records” they signed to XL Recordings and released a full album “Advanced Technology” that gained huge success and respect for its originality. This original sound was largely attributed to their own sampling and sound design. They became a go to outfit for remixes by artists such as The Prodigy and Front 242 and were known for their unmistakable sound.”Empirion” split towards the end of the 90’s after band member Bob Glennie was taken terminally ill.

Oz went on to set up his next musical project “KLOQ”. This was the next step in his musical journey and was a project that would keep evolving but with some musical roots that also kept it grounded. The back bone of KLOQ was electronic, with thumping beats and heavy undertones, the sound was different, more commercial with a full band and various vocalists such as Doug McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) and Lucia Holm (Sunscreem). The first KLOQ album “Move Forward” was released in 2008 and spent a month at the No.1 position in the German alternative charts, they released another two albums over the years “Begin Again” and “Behind the Screams” which moved them ever onwards and gained them more respect and an  increased following.

While putting KLOQ on hiatus Oz is now moving into the world of TV/Film and trailer music. His extensive knowledge of sound design, production, engineering and a love of visual media is the driving force behind this move. He has worked on some small independent short films and computer games in the past and is now focusing more in this area. He has recently released his first production music album with one of the forefront licensing giants FELT Music.


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