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Stuart Jopia: Producer, Writer

The love of horror movies from an early age had driven Stu to create his own inventive and terrifying stories of the macabre. In realising he can do this for a living with the hopes of satisfying people’s hunger for the macabre. Writing and producing genre movies is his specialty and with his encyclopedic knowledge of genre and convention, he strives to bring his brand of insanity to the world and beyond.

Stuart has produced and co-written with his brother six feature films including sci-fi horror film Cute Little Buggers and action, comedy, horror Crying Wolf . His slasher feature Good Tidings has won a number of horror awards including best film selected by Starbust. He co-produces with his brother Tony as one half of the Jopia Boys and 2021 continues to be a fruitful year as he is in production with two more features

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