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Tony Jopia: Director

Producer/Director Tony Jopia has produced for broadcast giants such as BSB, Sky, ITV, Carlton Television, FilmFour. Creative Managed Disney Channels across Europe, Senior Produced Children’s ITV in Birmingham and Manchester. Spent 11 years with Sony Pictures Television as Head of Creative across their Western Europe Networks which included Movie, Entertainment and Children’s Channels.

Produced Television pilots for Sony, Flextech, ITV and WW2 scripted action drama Suicide Platoon for Movies4Men.
In 2020 Tony delivered his fifth globally released Horror themed feature film Creatures with his co producer brother Stuart. In 2021 the Jopia Boy’s Blade of the Assassin, a full on action martial arts feature made in collaboration with Movieworks Int will be released in Autumn. Pre-Production has commenced on Wolfshead, a supernatural take on the Robin Hood legend to be filmed in May and Sci-Fi action Fatal Angel starts filming in June 2021.

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