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Your Favourite Enemies

Your Favorite Enemies is a Montreal rock band formed in 2006. From the very first moment of the band’s creation, the sextet decided to resolutely manage every aspect of the band’s career based on their community values and their dedicated “do it yourself” ethos.

Influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth, Fugazi, The Cure, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, and Mars Volta, the band’s distinctive blend of dirty and polished type of dissonant sonic textures along with their introspective poetry and symbolist type of lyrical approach quickly gathered fanatics from all over the world. These devoted fans immediately started promoting Your Favorite Enemies through the creation of different street teams and fan communities.

Your Favourite Enemies are:

  • Alex Foster (vocals)

  • Jeff Beaulieu (guitar)

  • Sef (guitar)

  • Ben Lemelin (bass)

  • Miss Isabel (keyboard)

  • Charles “Moose” Allicie (drums)

On July 4, 2017, Your Favorite Enemies released “A Journey Beyond Ourselves”, the complete story of “Between Illness and Migration”. Debuting in 2012 with the initial recording of the album taking place in a former catholic church that the band transformed into a professional studio, the project covers the 5 releases of the album in 5 different versions (Japan, Australia, Canada, Europe, and India) and the deluxe version of the album, “Tokyo Sessions”, released June 2016. Considered the definitive incarnation of the journey, the latest album vividly represents what “Between Illness and Migration” has been and is now offered on vinyl for the first time.

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