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Alex Daulby: Non Executive Director, Executive Producer

Alex is an established investor in film and has worked closely with James Daly CEO and Head of CFPL on films such as the successful and critically acclaimed horror film Let Us Prey. Alex will be an advisor to the board and assist as an executive film producer in areas such as fund raising, he will also have involvement in the business development of the company.

Alex was actively involved in the British Israel Chamber of Commerce as well as designing and supplying the locking system solutions to the Channel Tunnel project and his portfolio of clients include several large Leisure and Retail Operators both in the UK and in Europe.

Alex is an established investor in the film Industry and is proud of his close friendship with James Daly. Alex and James have worked together on films such as Let Us Prey and Surviving Auschwitz and he will be involved in funding and executive producing  all of James Daly’s new productions as an executive producer.

Currently residing in Israel, Alex is a lifelong supporter of Manchester United and travels to the UK every month for business and football.

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