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Charles J W Benson: Non Executive Director, Executive Producer

Charles is an experienced film investor like Alex Daulby Charles has worked closely with James on films such as Second World War Drama Surviving Auschwitz which sold to multiple territories all over the world. He is also heavily involved in the early stage development of content as an executive producer. Charles will also assist the board in the funding of film content and the corporate governing of the company.

Charles is interested in conservation in general but particularly in river ecosystems and the preservation of marine environments; he co-authored “Marine Environmental Law” with John Bates published in Lloyd’s Shipping Law Library which is a leading reference book and directory. Since 2014, as well as continuing practice at the Bar, Charles has been part of the law firm, Benson Ingram Law LLP, a bespoke practise, predominantly common law/commercial, with an interesting and diverse client base presenting their own set of unique commercial challenges.

As well as law Charles runs a small niche consultancy business and is a principal in an FCA regulated company.

Charles has been a sophisticated investor for many years and has provided finance to a range of businesses and start-ups, including technology projects, 3D printing, the use of sensory technology to monitor degradation and life cycle of vehicle tyres, energy projects and he has funded film production. Charles for many years was involved in performance art as an actor and his passion for the stage, film and the performing arts has never diminished and he remains fascinated by films and the arts, writing poetry and in the famed words of Stefan Verhovensky (“The Devils” – Dostoyevsky) he was “going to write a book, every day”. Charles’ delight in literature, in particular pre-revolution Russian works, world poetry and the terse world of the Norse and Icelandic Sagas translates easily into his obsession with film. The great commentator Belinsky once said that a picture is a silent poem and a poem a talking picture. That is the rationale of all great art.

Charles has a burning desire to be involved in the film medium, an ambition indirectly realised through investment in film and television projects including Casino Royale, The Da Vinci Code, Layer Cake, Big Fish and Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit, and more directly through his close and personal relationship with James Daly and Greenhouse Films which cemented his love affair with film in the shape of “Let Us Pray” but of certain pride to Charles is the film “Surviving Auschwitz.”.

Charles has earmarked a number of short thrilling novels which he would like to see depicted in film and will closely with our producer and CEO James Daly to bring these to the big screen.

Charles is well connected and his considerable network of friends’ hail from diverse backgrounds domestic and foreign and across a plethora of different cultures and interests.

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