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Willi Kamarad: Senior Producer

Successful producer Willi will oversee all of the content with the other senior producers and will be instrumental in the execution of all film content. Willi has years of production experience and has produced many genre specific horror films. He has a wealth of contacts in the film industry and is an invaluable part of the senior film production team.

Willi’s love for films was insatiable and had run a successful video store business for 24 years. Since 2005, he has worked as an independent Sales Agent for Italian producers, selling their product to German speaking territories.

In 2003 Willi founded “Dreamfilms GmbH ” drawing on his distribution and sales expertise and focusing on producing and directing. This was initially music videos and short films, but inevitably produced his first feature film.

In 2017 Willi founded Dreamfilms Bulgaria with two producing partners from Bulgaria. Since 2020 Willi has been part of the team of Good Screenplays Atlanta, USA.

He has more than 30 movies in early and mid-stages of development and production.

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