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Yemi Adenle: Casting, Executive Producer

As a partner of MAA (Miles Anthony Associates) and part of the management team of Bafta. Yemi will assist in all stages of screenplays and with casting and marketing on all CFPL content.

Yemi began his career in the media industry at 2ktv before moving to BAFTA. He subsequently joined the marketing and communications department of Success Entertainment, where his role saw him deal with all commissioning ideas, including researching and creating new TV programming ideas, developing and overseeing pitches to commissioning editors. He has also worked extensively in film production and marketing for Newlight Films. He recently joined MAA (Miles Anthony Associates) as Mile’s assistant. Miles saw Yem’s business acumen and his talent for selling and realized he could put it to good use selling MAA clients. In this sales and acquisitions capacity. Yemi is proving to be a real asset to the company. Yemi is also a producer for Quantum Film Productions(QFP) and working with BAFTA. Yemi is a sought-after actor with a number of feature films and commercials under his belt.

IMDb Mini Biography By: MAA Miles Anthony Associates

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